Tough Sensors for an Insensitive Planet

Information Technology

McQ has extensive experience in electronic and software design including embedded software for sensor systems, computer software for data analysis, and Graphical User Interfaces (GUI).

We've developed an "Open Data" architecture for remote sensor systems that enables information to be distributed and easily pulled together for display. This advanced Sensor Information Management System (SIMS) provides a standard for integration of large data systems.

We've also created a Common Data Interchange Format (CDIF) that provides a standard "object oriented" language for sensor data to be easily integrated and fused together. Much like current Internet based WEB sites can track stock data or accumulate bid information (eBay), this architecture will provide distributed sensor information to a central site for display and evaluation. The central site reaches down into distributed databases to "look around and see what is happening." The distributed sensors can also send alarm messages to distributed users when activities of interest are detected.

Targets can be located and tracked using fusion algorithms developed by McQ. This SIMS architecture uses a map based display and the distributed Internet connectivity to integrate sensor information and determine where targets are located and where they are going. The information is stored on network servers in a Structured Query Language (SQL) database that can be accessed through WEB Pages using a browser.

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